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Welcome to Pendant Lighting Fixtures

Welcome to Pendant Lighting Fixtures

We are a full service lighting store that specializes in making your home warm and comfortable inside and out. Lighting has the capacity to make people feel comfortable and show that you truly care about company.

When you browse our store you will find everything you are looking for. From premium lighting packages to affordable small pieces, we have everything you need. Every house needs great light and we are here to offer quality pieces for people of every walk of life.

If you have any questions regarding how to install or where to place your new fixtures, Pendants Lighting is a great spot for you. Every manufacturer provides dedicated staff that have been trained to answer all your questions and guide you on your way to the most beautiful and cost efficient lighting possible. Our company prides itself on providing the best customer service possible. We want to make sure you not only come back but tell your friends how great our services were.

If you do not refer us through word of mouth, we will just let our work speak for itself. When your friends and family come into your warmly lit home, they will immediately feel comfortable and ready for a delicious dinner. When your friends come over to well-lit fixtures, beautiful art and feel excited from the beauty of your place, we are sure that you will confidently be able to say it was us.

The pendant lighting fixtures are of the highest quality. We take pride in knowing that you will not find better products anywhere else. We are never concerned about your shopping around and you will end up back at Pendants Lighting.

We definitely want to remind you that lighting can often be overlooked. When you walk into a room, look around. Is it the décor that makes you feel a certain way or is it the lighting and smell? Your sense of sight is so important when making a house feel like home. Allow us to give you the chance to make your place feel great and one more time, thanks for visiting Pendant Lighting Fixtures.

Circa Lighting

Circa Lighting Options and Overview

Founded in 1998, in the state of Georgia, Circa Lighting has become the one brand that is associated with very well made lighting. Circa offers top quality home lighting options, featuring extraordinary designers whose designs are classic, timeless and elegant. Their mission is superior lighting and accessories that are attractive and timeless. There are thousands of items in this product line. All of which come in a variety of finishes and various designs. The leading designers in the country designed several of the items in the collection. Everyone is sure to find a lighting piece in the collection that is just perfect, from hand finished traditional pieces to the very popular crystal lamps.
Circa Lighting is an incredible company with amazing quality products. All fixtures are handmade and all finishes continue to be completed by hand. It is a company where the lighting piece will work as good in 50 years from now as they would of 50 years ago.

circa lightingCirca Lighting Highlights

The designs are ageless and the quality is outstanding. Some of the most popular lighting fixtures consist of the Gilded Age chandelier lighting, Industrial pendant lighting, flush mount lighting, floor lighting, caged lantern lighting, sconce lighting and table lighting. The company also offers commercial lighting, bathroom lighting, track lighting, kitchen lighting and decorative lighting.

Lighting is an essential element of the interior atmosphere. Finding and selecting the right lighting can be a complex and intimidating job. Which is exactly why, Circa Lighting offers tailored individual attention to all clients, working personally with clients to accomplish the precise look and result the client desires. Whether an individual is remodeling or adding new pieces, Circa offers the perfect lighting solution. Circa Lighting can turn any room into a work of art. Find traditional and contemporary chandeliers in popular collections. Circa’s pendant lighting is simply stunning and would look beautiful over any island.

Circa Lighting refreshing approach helps clients find the perfect balance between function and form in choosing lighting décor and makes lighting trouble-free and the outcome brilliant. If traditional with a splash of modern thrown in is interesting then consider, Circa Lighting. Circa appeals to everyone, because of their vast inventory and wide range of styles and the ability to solve any lighting dilemma very efficiently and inexpensively when the challenge is the budget. The quality of the lighting and accessories is great; the designs are thoughtful with simple details.

Discover the authenticity and details of every indoor and outdoor piece of lighting from Circa.